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Painting Sussex Landmarks

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Wolstonbury Hill is a well-known hill and local landmark in my part of Sussex that is managed by the National Trust. Climbing it again, I was inspired to paint 'Wolstonbury Hill with blueberry clouds' 50 x 50 cms and although its not as high as nearby Ditchling Beacon it is prominent enough, projecting into the Weald from the main ridge of the South Downs, it gives breathtaking views of the Downs and the Weald. The climb to the top is on foot or mountain bike but is well worth it to see the panoramic views of the Weald to the north, the black and white windmills of Jack and Jill (otherwise known as the Clayton Windmills) and Ditchling Beacon beyond. Hollingbury can be seen to the southeast and looking west you can see Newtimber Hill, West Hill with Devils Dyke just beyond, further out Chanctonbury Ring is clearly visible.

Just 4kms away is Ditchling Beacon, the highest point in East Sussex and the third-highest point on the South Downs in south-east England. I fondly remember coming here as a child and it being the finishing line of a 10 mile school sponsored walk. Now with a family dog I go back there again regularly, loving the panoramic views from being high up, feeling like you are on top of the world with a wonderful feeling of space. I painted 'Mid-Summer's Dream' 59 x 85 cms as a response to this place in the dreamy evening sunshine during longest days of summer.

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