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Creative Waves' latest art exhibition 'The Nourishing Nature of The South Downs' on Worthing Pier

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

The natural world has been a huge source of comfort and inspiration during the lockdowns of the last 12 months with many of us inspired and reassured by our local walks in the countryside or quieter than usual Sussex beaches. The South Downs in particular has been somewhere to find peace, notice nature and something constant to be immersed in that's bigger than our human problems. I'm very fortunate to have the South Downs, such a beautiful area, on my doorstep.

So this Spring I am delighted to have been invited to exhibit my ink framescape 'Meadowlands' in Creative Waves' latest art project in partnership with the South Downs Park Authority on Worthing Pier. The art exhibition is being shown at Worthing's unique outdoor gallery on the central walkway of the pier making it accessible to all and bringing art to a diverse audience and helping to showcase local artists as well as inspiring the younger generation. Creative Waves Spring 2021 newsletter:

'Meadowlands' was a response to my daily walks during the Summer of 2020 and reflects a sense of calm and peace I felt from my surroundings.

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