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Great to be back!

With this my first blog, I am delighted to launch my new website NicholaCampbell.Art and with it my online shop! It's something that I have been aiming to do for sometime and finally accomplished with my extra time during the Lockdown. I hope my visitors find it interesting and easy to use.

After all the weeks of the Lockdown, it's been great to have reopened Chalk Gallery in Lewes with a Summer Exhibition (2nd July to 30th August), to have dropped off new paintings to Artologie in Cuckfield and to see galleries and shops like Greenfinch in Ticehurst coming out of hibernation.

For the last 3-months I have focused on creating new work and maintaining my sense of purpose. If anything the COVID-19 crisis has increased my appreciation for the opportunities I have and have had, as well as for the natural world which inspires my work.

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