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Finding Inspiration

Creative Respite Blog recently invited me for thoughts on finding inspiration and how it influences my work, here's the Q&A session that followed:

Mantle of Autumn, Ink framescape

What first inspired you to paint? Is there a particular painting, Artist or movement that inspired you the most?

I spent a lot of time drawing, painting and making things as a child and I was probably inspired to do so because I was struggling with reading and other work at school. I started painting again after a long break, about 7 years ago because I think there was a need inside me to express myself creatively to achieve a feeling of contentment. I’m not sure there is any specific painting, Artist or movement that has inspired me the most, but I have loved visiting the British Museum and my favourite place is the V&A because I am also interested in art history and the decorative arts.

What are your thoughts on inspiration and how does it influence your work? Is inspiration essential to paint or start a painting?

For me, inspiration is something to feed and encourage. All I need is a spark of interest to get started and from this I grow more inspired upon new discoveries. It all starts with something that I’m fascinated by, or that I admire. It’s personal of course but it can be anything, from the way light hits a surface, a colour one loves, a period in history, a person, an experience or an emotion. My habit is to learn more and more about what I’m curious about and then with a greater understanding, I re-interpret it, or 'do it my way.'

Above image: Riding the Breeze, Ink framescape

What advice would you give other Artists on finding inspiration?

Rediscover your child-like interest in things, try to forget about everything else that is going on around you and just be true to yourself and your work.

Above image: Autumn Spectacular, Ink on wood panel

The Creative Respite Blog is a new blog born out of the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, written by artists for artists with a focus on the practical and psychological aspects of creativity.  Working with various themes, we will present advice, insight and information from professional and other practicing artists on a range of topics, integral to the creative process including interviews and insights from a variety of practicing artists on an assortment of topics and themes integral to the creative process, can be found.

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